Unrolling of an international workshop seminar on power quality, electrical safety and energy efficiency in the fields of industry and construction

From 5 to 9 December 2016, the CURES organized, in collaboration with EPFL and ENERPLAN, an international training seminar aimed at strengthening the capacities of technical managers of industries and researchers to improve quality management, Safety and energy efficiency in their industries. Participants were expected to improve their energy management capabilities and be able to better convince their environment of the need and role of this management.


To carry out this training, a five (5) day training plan has been developed that takes into account all the problems encountered by these officials in their workplaces. This schedule included theoretical courses (electrical safety measures in industrial settings, electrical standards, protection against lightning, neutral systems, energy quality, electrical protection, etc.), as well as the work (Electrical selectivity, protection against voltage disturbances, varistor protection, measurement of resistivity and grounding resistance, etc.)


A district hospital in the Central Region was also visited allowing participants to gauge the realities of the field. Some problems have been identified: the poor power quality paralyzes the proper functioning of health care; many electrical cuts (lasting several days) coupled with the difficulty of acquiring a new and high quality generator lead to the shedding of certain buildings such as the morgue, the hospital building; Some electrical equipment does not operate normally due to the low voltage level while others start but do not work for a long time due to poor power quality.


In addition, earthquake measurements carried out in this hospital have attracted considerable interest from some hospital managers as these earthquakes are a real problem in the operation of certain equipment. The values measured in this hospital were very high; They were due to the fact that the earthings had been badly made.
Advocacy actions should be organized to increase the impact on power quality and access to electricity in hospitals and enterprises and on the standardization of electrical installations.





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